Some recent paintings, prints, and photographs from my shop.  I hope you enjoy it - and if you do, please let me know.

Etchings are created on metal plates, usually copper, but sometimes zinc or aluminum, then inked and printed.

Lithographs were formerly created on heavy, flat stones, but nowadays are more often made on aluminum plates - and again, but in a somewhat different way, are inked and printed.

Glassprints are created on thin acetate plates ('pages' really), then taken into a photographic darkroom, and printed on photo paper - although printmaking paper is an option as well. They are related to a group of other imagemaking techniques such as clich├ęs-verre, photograms, chemigrams etc from which they borrow certain methods.

The Aachen Windows series, several of which are shown, were created in the color darkroom, using only paper and light.

Each type of print has its characteristic look and feel.